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interview by the departmental committee of tourism

Intervieux shot in honor of the wine festival (in bordeaux) , they desired to show women and especially woman winemaker forward.

Le vin au féminin en Gironde - Sylvie Dulong... par TourismeGironde

It's snowing, it's cold, but it's beautiful .

An arctic cold has descended on France, bringing snow to the Chateau Lavergne-Dulong!

Lulu, our mascot, is the first to appreciate the change of scene.

It lets you enjoy the photos we have taken for you.


Happy New Year 2012 !


The Château Lavergne-Dulong wish you a Happy New Year 2012 .


Christmas du Café Opéra in Bordeaux


On 17 December 2011, we are participating for the second edition of the Christmas Café Opera organized by Charlotte (

The arctic cold has not scared off many wine lovers, who had the opportunity to taste some excellent wines from various appellations Bordelaises, while completing their Christmas shopping.

Thank you to Charlotte for the flawless organization of this event!


We look forward to seeing you next year.



" Marché gourmand des vins bio !


"Organized by the Syndicat des Vignerons Bio d'Aquitaine, this market is born from the desire to discover or rediscover the public production of organic wine region of France: Bordeaux wine, Champagne, Alsace, share for 2 days their passion for vine, for wine, for the good things produced to the specifications of Organic Agriculture. "

We were there! We have shared this passion for wine, especially organic wine between farmer , but also with you dear visitors!


We hope to see you there next year!





Harvest 2011

A spring heat wave, and a rainy summer : conditions really difficult for the vine, grapes, and Vigneron!

Manual labor in late summer (leaf removal, dropping clusters that were beginning to rot) allowed the grapes to enjoy the sun of September and reach a good maturity.

The Merlots were picked on September 20 and October 5 for the Cabernets.

After the attention to fermentation, we raise this new vintage 18 months, in vats for Merlot, and Barrels for the Cabernet.

See you in Autumn 2013 to taste the 2011 vintage bottles!




On October 4, 2011, Chateau Lavergne-Dulong, has been honored with the Best of Wine Tourism (OR) in the category of accommodation.

This award is presented annually by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux.

The Best Of Wine Tourism is awarded to the castles that have proven their deep involvement in wine tourism.

it represents all the forces I've put into this project, and it comforts me. All the team of Chateau Lavergne-Dulong has not done that for nothing, and I thank him.


But Best Of Gold, I owe it to you too, because it is thanks to you visitors that this project emerged, and continues to exist and live today.




So a big congratulations and a big thank you!




Welcome to Méryl !

On August 1st .. we welcomed a new recruit !

Everybody welcome you my little apprentice in tourism Meryl, she will be there for two years.

She will warmly welcome you, always with a smile and a good humor that is pleasant to see.

We wish her the best with we and obviously a success in her exams !



Welcome to you, Meryl!


The vine in June 2011

This will be updated later. Thank you.



The 2008 vintage of Chateau Lavergne Dulong has obtained a GOLD medal at the Wine International Challenge and a BRONZE medal at the Bordeaux show.

The constant quality worry, from the grapes to the bottle is rewarded. All the Lavergne Dulong team is really proud. We keep going in this direction.


Plantations again !

This year in 2011 a new plantation occured.

Still in the idea of the vineyard improvement, 1.70 hec (or 4.2 acre) of Cabernet Franc have been planted at the beginning of May 2011. We will have to wait for 2013 in order to harvest the first grapes.


Open Day on March 27th

For the second year, during the "Printemps des hauts de Garonne" occasion, the Lavergne Dulong Chateau opened its doors.

People admired the paintings of the "Atelier de Montussan", displayed on the warehouse walls.

In a pleasant and festive spirit, created by a musical band, visitors were able to discover the new "L" Rosé vintage and to eat some grillings.

I would like to thank you everyone who participated in making this day a really great moment.



Plantations in March 2010

In March 2010, during the cycle of the waning moon, we planted 6 500 Sauvignon Blanc vines and 5 000 of Cabernet Franc. Each tiny plant will benefit from our individual attention as it grows towards its first harvest, due for 2013.

Online, you can follow every stage of their growth.



Launch of our new vintage "L" du Chateau Lavergne-Dulong Bordeaux Rosé

Our Open Day on 28 March 2010 was the perfect occasion to celebrate the launch of the 2009 du "L" Bordeaux Rosé vintage and to allow hundreds of visitors to see our new wine cellar.
We enjoyed a highly sociable evening; fine food and a New Orleans Jazz orchestra helped us to truly appreciate the new vintage, with its signature of fruit and freshness.

The next date in the diary will be for the last Sunday of March 2011.

An Oscar for “L” !

The "L" du Château Lavergne-Dulong Bordeaux Rosé 2009 was selected by a jury of 50 women (including journalists, businesswomen, students and bloggers); their senses responded so positively to this fresh, joyful bouquet that it became an Oscar-winner.


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