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Welcome to Château Lavergne-Dulong – come and take a look around.

Enjoy a walk through the terraced vines of the Château, where you'll soon learn to recognise the characteristics of Merlot and Cabernet grapes, and discover more about how our vines are handled and treated at the Château.

In our cellar you'll see how the grape is transformed into wine, before entering the magical area filled with the casks where our wines are stored. To round off your visit, a tasting session will help you to fully appreciate the aromatic characteristics of the Merlot and Cabernet grapes, and of course you'll be able to taste our own wine.

You can prolong the enjoyment of your visit and share the pleasure of wine-tasting by visiting our on-site  Boutique du Château.

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Le château Lavergne-Dulong vous accueille à 15 mn du centre de Bordeaux Visite du Domaine, chambres d’hôtes, boutique, séjours à thème : tourisme, dégustation, golf. Soyez Ici comme chez-vous le temps d’une visite, d’une dégustation, d’un week-end. Vous pouvez Acheter nos vins avec la boutique en ligne. Acheter vin, chambre d’hôtes Bordeaux, table d’hôtes Bordeaux, Bordeaux supérieur, Bordeaux rosé, Biodynamie, Boutique vin, Autour de Bordeaux, Dégustation vin, Une nuit au château, diner au Château, visite chais, visite domaine vin, Bordeaux rosé oscar 2010, Sylvie Dulong.