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Delivery conditions

You can choose to :
- pick up your order from the property, in  which case, call us or email us with your order. Payment is upon collection, at Château LAVERGNE-DULONG 33450 MONTUSSAN
- have the wines sent directly to your chosen address

Transport costs:
In France, current costs are:
1-24 bottles:    flat rate of 38€
25-36 bottles:    flat rate of 45€
37-48 bottles:    flat rate of 48€
49-60 bottles:    flat rate of 53€
61-84 bottles: flat rate of 55€
84+ bottles:    0.60€ per bottle
For orders over 500€, transport (within France) is offered free of charge.
Orders sent to other countries within the EU require an individual quotation.

Our conditions:

The wines are sent by road transport in boxes or cartons designed to carry wines. The transportation falls under the responsibility of the purchaser, who must therefore check the packages upon delivery in front of the transport company and file any complaints with them should there be anything missing or damaged.

Delivery is made within 6 working days of the completed order.

Legal information

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health; please ensure that you enjoy our wines in moderation.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy, even in small amounts, can lead to consequences for the health of the child.  

Minors: According to French Law ( n°59-107 7 January 1959 and n°74-631 5 July 1974), it is forbidden to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 16.

Any person placing an order for wine with SCEA SYLVIE DULONG is therefore understood to be over the age of 16 years at the time of placing the order; placing the order implies an agreement to these terms and conditions.

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