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This is certainly the most important meal of the day is why here it is complete and BIO.
It is served between 8:30 and 10 am (earlier if necessary)

Content of breakfast:
- Jams houses, good recipes from my grandmother ..
- croissant and fresh bread from the Baker Eric ..
- Honey from our neighbor Mr. Rousseau.
- Fruit from "A Corner Garden" (Montussan)
- Chocolate spread, butter ..
- Cereals: organic ! 
- From organic milk cold (or hot)
- Hot drinks (coffee, organic green teaEnglish tea or chocolate.)
- And a fresh orange juice made with love ..
(When booking please ask an English breakfastbacon, eggs, ham, pancakes with maple syrup ..)


To eat at any hour of the day, we offert cold plate.

    Brunch :
  • Cheese Plate / Salad
  • Charcuterie plate / salad
  • Smoked Salmon Plate / Salad

 Price: 20  / plate, include a glass of wine


DINER : only from 4 person

45€/person including a glass of wine. 

Fridays and saturdays only 

You need to reserve for a dinner 

I'm at your service to reserve places for dinner / lunch depending on your needs.



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